Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two Composers - One Backyard

While I work on cueing John's Oppie symphony, I present the second in a 2-part series of behind-the-houses-of-composers photo essays. (Here's part one.)

Last month I spent a few minutes in the Altadena backyard of composer William Kraft and composer Joan Huang while Bill spoke on the phone with composer Leon Milo, who was in Norway.

This is what I saw: (click to enlarge)

Bill Kraft Backyard - ships wheel
Bill Kraft Backyard - curvy garden walk edging
Bill Kraft Backyard - steps to swimming pool
Bill Kraft Backyard - hanging Dragon Fly mobile
Bill Kraft Backyard - two blue lights in the bushes
Bill Kraft Backyard - two fence post tops
Bill Kraft Backyard - two chaise lounges
Bill Kraft Backyard - two composers, Bill and Joan with Ginji

Here's Bill's Bio.
Here's Bill Kraft's San Francisco Waltz Toon (It's only one minute twenty seconds long.)

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1 comment :

timetexture said...

Hello David!,
I found your blog by chance. How amazing and nice that you were at Bill's when I called! Sorry that I did not know at the time. Anyway I'm glad to have re-found you and hope to stay in touch.. Best to you, Leon.