Monday, July 09, 2007

Interdependently Celebrating Independence

Composer and friend Art Jarvinen and his lovely spouse Lynn Angebranndt (Cellist and friend), host a Fourth of July BBQ every year which is held in their backyard usually about the time of the July Fourth Holiday. This year it was the Sunday before the Wednesday.

In the past, the celebration has often included a whole pig, roasted Cuban style. This year reason prevailed and we feasted on creatures that had been converted into foodstuffs by professional butchers. It's delicious either way.

Click here for my previous post describing last year's celebration - where you'll see
  • a picture of Trixie, last years pig,
  • closeups of the pantsleg of Art and corkscrew of Art
  • a short movie of Art performing on the Simantron, kind of like a long wooden jousting stick, only it's a musical instrument. Something that only a percussionist could really love. This year featured a performance of a Simantron trio by the Antenna Repairmen, with Moses Eder, guest artist.
  • an unkind comparison of the facial expression of Art to a now-departed bad guy
Here are some pictures I took this year.

Art Gives the Barbecue Invocation on Tam Tam
- then he gave the benediction "Let's Eat"

Art gives the invocation on tam tam Let's Eat
A Close Up of the Shirt of Art

closeup of the shirt of Art
Animals of the Backyard

calming your Monkey Mind - relax - meditatea pig mask
Technology of Art

some old circuit boards of Artdetail of the train set of Art which is up near the ceiling
Some Times A Phallic Symbol is Just A Phallic Cymbal

sometimes a banana is just a bananasometimes a cigar is just a phallic symbol
Click here for the Homepage of Art

As always, click the pics and they'll enlarge.

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