Wednesday, July 04, 2007

In Which David Is Caught In The Act

One of the Mixed Meters Regular Readers (MMRRs) might have noticed a few pictures posted here and there. I've taken many of them myself with my ancient Pocket Point & Shoot Camera (PPSC). The others were shamelessly ripped off from other Internet locations.

Here's one I took a few hours ago on my walk up to Starbucks.

Small Blue Guitar Leaning Against Wall
When I saw this guitar I knew I wanted a picture of it. I'll tell you why later. The immediate problem was the guitar was positioned up the driveway of a private house.
  • My second rule of photography is not to walk onto people's property to take pictures (unless there's someone I can ask).
  • My first rule of photography is that I don't alter the position of the things I photograph.
  • My third rule is that I never talk about the first two rules. I occasionally break all three.
In this case I didn't see anyone to ask permission from. So I quickly walked a few steps up the driveway, snapped a shot and scurried back to the sidewalk.

Then I heard a voice "Excuse me, sir." It was the owner of the house who had been standing on the small porch hidden behind a post. I hadn't seen him there at all. We recognized one another as familiar neighborhood faces.

Embarrassed, I hastily explained that
  • I have a blog and
  • I post pictures of found objects on my blog and
  • I had earlier posted a picture of identical guitars for sale by a street vendor just two blocks up the hill and
  • I wanted a picture of this guitar so I could reference the earlier post (which only one person had bothered to read back then).
Here's that picture again.

Selling small Guitars on a Pasadena Street
Obviously the guitars are the same model but on that day in January the blue one had already been sold.

I had a pleasant and interesting chat with him. He had found the blue guitar that morning in the middle of the street. It still seemed functional if a bit worse for wear so he retrieved it and left it in the driveway.

I gave him my card and asked him to check Mixed Meters out. On the way home I decided that I would post this story quickly so he might find it here.

Want to See More MMPs? (Mixed Meters Pictures)

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The earlier MM post with the guitar picture is entitled Buying A Guitar In Pasadena (Mahler's Seventh)

The otherwise anonymous Addison left a comment asking me to explain my seeming put-down of Mahler. I actually wrote a long response doing just that. I should post it someday along with pictures from Sioux City Iowa. (Makes sense to me.)

Here's another picture of another somewhat-the-worse-for-wear blue thing leaning against a wall photographed the same way I shot the guitar. What an old racket.

leaning blue racket
Blue Guitar Tags: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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RioinLA said...

What's in the plastic bag in the foreground? Goldfish?

David Ocker said...

I'm pretty sure the bag was filled with nothing.

Thanks for reading.