Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Creature From the Backyard

Mixed Meters' Oxford reader recently lamented the dearth of pictures of Chowderhead, our new dog. Chowder's been living in our backyard for over a month.

Chowderhead's Head - the view from above
Chowderhead now has a private tutor and a curriculum:
  • He will learn to Come
  • He will learn to Heel
  • He will learn to be inside the house and not chase a cat round and round the dining room table the way he did last night. (Connie, the trainer, called it Doggy Derby)

Chowderhead's Head
Here's MacTabby, formerly the backyard cat, sitting on the front porch and looking very skinny. He has had to relocate to the front yard away from Chowderhead.

If McT were thinking clearly he would have become an indoor cat long ago. Inside he could become fat and lazy. Getting chased around the dining room table once in a while would be a small price to pay for that.

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