Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lower Case Zappa

Kill Ugly Radio linked to an article entitled Mad Scientists at a blog called Quiet Bubble.

The author discusses a general category of artists called zappas (although he always capitalizes the word) who are super-productive but unpredictably change their genres and styles. Here are some quotes that caught my eye:
[Zappa] willingly pushed boundaries—of form, content, and sense—and stretched rock music to its breaking point, and often beyond it. In the process, he made a sackful of truly transcendent songs, several decent-to-excellent albums, and a whole lot of crap.
Yep, pretty much.

And this second- or third-hand quote from Rainer Werner Fassbinder:
“Should you sit around waiting until something’s become a tradition,” he once said, “or shouldn’t you rather roll up your sleeves and get to work developing one?”
Here's a picture I've been saving as the perfect non-sequitur:

Blue Balloon and Shadows

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Anonymous said...

Is that " Rover" from the Prisoner series? lol