Monday, September 16, 2019

Cactus Flower

Today is the fourteenth anniversary of Mixed Meters.  Feeble yay.

To celebrate, here's a picture of a cactus flower.

Now, a quiz: How is a cactus flower like this blog?

Answer: a cactus doesn't often get new flowers and this blog doesn't often get new posts.

My very first post in 2005 addressed the issue of infrequent posting.  Here's the whole thing:

In which David fails to find an interesting first comment

Every new adventure begins with the words "Why am I doing this?" It would be so much easier not to bother trying new things.

If you, future person reading these words, discover that this blog hasn't changed in months . . . years . . . then you'll know I couldn't find a good answer for the question.

My philosophy will be . . . keep it short.

Fascinating, huh?

And here's another quiz question for you, O Future-Person-reading-these-words: Why am I doing this? 

Please write your answers on a postcard and send them to the comment section.  The winner receives a four year stay at the Trump property of their choice, no expenses paid.

Finally . . .
In celebration of Mixed Meters' august September anniversary I created a video from my cactus flower picture.

The video is entitled Cactus Flower.  The picture above is the only visual component.  If you watch very closely you might notice some slight changes as time passes.

I suggest watching at the largest size and highest resolution available to you.

Cactus Flower © 2019 David Ocker - 190 seconds.

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Quiz question #3:  How were the visual transformations done?  Answer: Deep Dream Generator.