Friday, January 22, 2021

Spackle and the Screensaver

On YouTube, I posted yet another video, shot in 2010, showing Spackle Puss, our late pussy cat.  Watch as she sits in front of my computer, mostly looking into the camera.   Meanwhile the screensaver shows random photos behind her.  

Spackle knew how to do 'cute'.  She was very cute.  The video, however, is really about the screensaver shots.

Spackle and the Screensaver by David Ocker - © 2021 (119 seconds)

I also found a few more pictures of little Spackle, taken in the last few months of her life.
Spackle Puss (the cat) 37 in the sink

And I've got one final little kitty story.  

I've mentioned that she begged for food anytime someone entered the kitchen, meowing loudly and running at top speed around and around the kitchen island.  I can remember several times when, beside herself with excitement, she actually ran under my foot while I was taking a step.  Diminutive Spackle and big dog Chowderhead, who were never close friends, would stand right next to one another looking up expectantly, both waiting for a morsel of whatever human food was being prepared. 

Spackle Puss (the cat) 38 on the couch

Spackle also developed the habit of waiting by the front door when someone was there.  Sometimes she'd go there because a car pulled into the driveway.  Then she'd wait, meowing away.   This is behavior you might expect from a dog, not a cat.  (Chowderhead no longer does this because these days he doesn't hear so well.)

Spackle Puss (the cat) 39 with her mirror reflection

Anyway, one evening - while we sat around after dinner observing this behavior - our houseguest, Marcello, described Spackle as "the cat with the soul of a dog".  This richly deserved sobriquet stuck for the rest of her life.  

We bid farewell to the Cat with the Soul of a Dog.  Daily life has been much quieter without her.

The previous Spackle Puss obituary - with lots of pictures - can be seen here.