Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hey, Brian McCarthy: Relax, Dude

Two posts back I wrote about my personal history and relationship with the music of Gustav Mahler. A couple regular readers left some thoughtful comments which I really appreciate. Thanks guys.

But someone named Brian McCarthy, apparently he's Australian, left a comment I can really work with. Here is his purple prose:
Brian McCarthy said...
Kudos to your friend who made the comment "That's harsh!" He must be a true friend, because I mostly want to take you out behind the barn with a shovel.
I find that Mahler's symphonies have become MORE relevant in my life as I grow older, not less. Mahler's insights into himself and the world become more amazing as time goes on, and I stumble on these insights myself.
If you think you "grew past" Mahler, you've become an arrogant and self-centered individual, that's for damn sure.
Spackle walks all over recording of Mahler's 7th Symphony
Brian, I'm really happy you like Mahler's music. Otherwise I would have had to think you're some kind of a mean, crabby thug.

I'm also glad to hear that you continue to find Mahler's music a source of new ideas and personal growth. That means you're open to change, a thinking person of sorts. Otherwise I would conclude that you are some sort of idiotic moron.

squirrel in a bird feeder
Also, your comment about the shovel makes me think you're a violent hothead, someone who shoots your mental wad a bit early. But anyone who can listen to an entire work by Mahler must have the makings of a patient person. Your attention span is probably way above normal. Try using that talent in the rest of your life, especially when online. To say it in Californian, "Dude, chill out. Why did you stop meditating?"

a cute ceramic bunny rabbit
You seem to have trouble accepting that my own personal musical tastes have grown in a different direction than yours. So here's a newsflash : people change. Nothing is forever. Even Mahler.

Of course, if you're an intolerant religious-style fanatic who thinks everyone must believe just as you do then I can only feel sorry for you.

a stone gargoyle sitting on our fireplace mantle
Finally, Brian dearest, you didn't leave any hint as to how old you are. I'm guessing you're not too long out of a college where some incompetent professor gave you the idea that you already know everything you'll ever need to know. I'm hoping you are really young, because that would make forgiving your stupid comment easier.

Oh, one more thing. It's perfectly acceptable for us to have diametrically opposed ideas and both be correct. Learning this could be an important step for you towards avoiding being a crazy jerk. Remember, the cat is both dead and alive at the same time. It's fine for you to question that idea, it's not simple; it's not popular. Please try to reflect on it.

dead squirrel crushed by a car
To help your reflections I'd like to suggest some music. It's by an Austrian composer who lived about a century ago. His name was Gustav Mahler.

Macca, my name is "Ocker". I am not an "ocker". I'd appreciate an apology. Maybe we can still be friends.

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Candid.Answers said...
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Phil Dickhead said...

Leslie is clearly an observant and thoughtful woman, qualities I'm sure she wishes you'd embrace more frequently.

Let me count the ways:

* you blog about the midwest incessantly, and yet can't handle a simple "out behind the barn" comment

* you jump to conclusions about some Australia nonsense, when the answer is no further than La Loma Road

* people change. Mahler doesn't.

* given the photo you've posted of yourself, I'm likely at your age or older. Since I seem to still be working and contributing to society, I would assume the former

* I hate cats, I'm a dog person

You're right, apparently I've pushed some button in you. Perhaps the one that doesn't countenance those around who dare to disagree. My last time listening live to a Mahler Symphony (his magnificant 3rd), a young woman sitting next to me mentioned prior to the performance that she didn't know anything about Mahler, and almost nothing about "classical" music. I gave her a brief explanation and introduction to what she was about to experience. At the end of this long and introspective look into nature and Mahler's mind, she noticed that I along with several others in the audience had been weepy during the last movement. Her comment - "I really enjoyed this, but apparently not the same way you did - and I envy you".

Just because music makes YOU weepy apparently doesn't mean you get it.

Think about it.

Peter (the other) said...

Hates cats? That settles it, I'm going to have to work up a healthy disdain for that Mahler.

And who says a loving relationship with music has to be anymore sane/constant then between humans? MAN! I am always amazed to come across a bigger blow hard then myself. I'm surprised a young woman would even sit next to your ol' self.

David, I'm sorry to ad such noise, its just when someone admittedly "hates" cats...

David Ocker said...

Brian (if that's really your name) - thanks for not posting again. I can see we're not going to be friends.

At my blog, I can have the last word if I want.

You wrote: "people change". Of all the things you said I happen to agree with that completely. You apparently didn't notice that people changing was a large part of my original point.

At your blog you can have the last word. By the way, where IS your blog? Website? Bio? Picture? Anything?

I wonder if you'll like the shot of our dog Chowderhead which I just posted.