Saturday, February 11, 2006

In which a Dead Whale is Funny

Here's a video clip from the ABC (er, the one in Australia) - a news story and interview on the subject of a dead whale. It's the interview on the subject of whether seismic testing killed the whale that merits your attention. (Here's a transcript.) (ALSO: Scroll to the end of this post for the video.)

American politicians can be this dumb but not this honest.

The video is hosted by the blog Paul's Jokes (I also suggest the video about the German Coast Guard.)  More John Clarke and Bryan Dawe is available here.

This dead whale picture came from here.

The classic beached dead whale story (which involves explosives) and lots more is here.  (Watch video here.)

Video coverage of the exploding whale is here.

Here's another biology-themed Mixed Meters post you might enjoy about Penis Fencing


ADDENDUM: Here's the Clarke and Dawe 'Dead Whale' video (following the original news clip).

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