Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Long Lasting Valentines Day Gift

When Leslie and I were first married I made a joking mid-smooch reference to having a "Frequent Kissers Card" With the help of clip art and CorelDraw I created just such a card as a Valentines Day gift for Leslie. She still carries it in her wallet, shows it to people and recently said "I'm very proud of it."

As a couple we have never succumbed to the marketing and as a result we don't celebrate Valentines Day in the fashion of good consumers. Chocolate, Flowers, Kisses and Saying "I love you." are things best spread evenly throughout the year.

So give your honey a Frequent Kissers Card. Designing and making one all by yourself increases the value immeasurably.

Click on the small picture to see the front and back of the card in larger format. And apparently kissing is good for your health: click here to read about that.


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