Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Out of the Past - ICA Concert Flyer Scratch Pad

The Backstory. Years ago I was part of a group of composers, fresh out of school and criminally naive. We started the Independent Composers Association. ICA has been defunct now for years, but for a long time it produced concerts of composers who weren't getting performed anywhere else in Southern California.

Our production methods were crude. The largest part of the advertising budget went for printing a one-color flyer and then bulk mailing some to a select list. The rest were handed out where we could. Printing the correct number of flyers was a challenge.

We printed up far too many of the flyer you see here (click on it for a larger view). Afterwards the question was what to do with the reams of useless paper. Someone said "Have them made into tablets and use the back as scratch paper." That's what happened.

Cut to the present. Over the weekend I needed a blank piece of paper. I reached into a cubbyhole where I keep such things and was surprised to pull out the last few pages of this 23-year old scratchpad. Of course I'm a very different person now than in 1982; the first thing I thought this weekend was "Hey, this would make a good blog post."

Here's the complete text of the flyer so it'll get picked up by the search engines - my old phone number is the one in the middle.

The ICA Ensemble plays JOHN CAGE ATLAS ECLIPTICALIS In Honor of His 70th Birthday
Program: John Cage Atlas Eclipticalis (with Winter Music)
Giacinto Scelsi Four Illustrations
Burton Goldstein The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Dusan Bogdanovic Pure Land
Arthur Jarvinen 110-^-011

Tuesday, November 16th, 8:00 p.m.
The House, 1329B 5th Street, Santa Monica
#5.00 general ($3.50 students, seniors, and ICA members)
For further information: (213) 390-6888, 661-8393, or 393-3962
This concert is funded, in part, by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, and by the California Arts Council.

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