Friday, February 17, 2006

In which Bill Maher is paired with animation

Bill Maher wrote an editorial in todays L.A. Times (which I couldn't find anywhere on their website). It is entitled "We love a good wiretapping."

Here's the paragraph that caught my attention:

"This whole country is one big desperate cry for somebody to listen to me, photograph me, Google me. Read my blog. Read my memoir. It's not interesting enough? I'll make stuff up. Just somebody, please, notice me."

But what if I make things up and they're still not interesting?

While you're not reading the LA Times you might want to go to EatPES - Home of the Twisted Films of PES There are some cool short videos that ARE interesting. I'd recommend KaBoom and especially Roof Sex. Also some Short Short videos; watch Fireworks (25 seconds long) to get the idea.

Music Video

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Peter's Hyperspaces said...

Bill Maher is political comedian with very good sense of humor.
I posted his show on my Naver
please come to check.