Sunday, February 26, 2006

In which the magic words are Hawk and Work

(c) 2004 Leslie HarrisSaturday, as Leslie and I were driving home from LAX at the end of her trip to Mexico, we watched two hawks, drifting lazily higher and higher on an air column. This was happening exactly at the Four Level Interchange - the very heart of our magnificent, disfunctional freeway system that makes urban sprawl and low population density (where nearly everyone has a detached house and a front and back yard) possible.

It wasn't possible to take a picture of the hawks from the car. Instead here's a picture Leslie took of a hawk sitting in our back yard. It's waiting for a little birdie to eat. This hawk (probably a Sharp-Shinned Hawk) is smaller than those we saw above the freeway (probably Red-Tailed.)

(c) 2006 David OckerJust to fill out the scene, the other picture was taken on a freeway.

Meanwhile, my life is filling up with work on new music by composers John Adams, Stephen Hartke and Anders Hillborg. Expect posts on Mixed Meters to be less frequent and more basic - since any free time left over for my personal creativity will go first into writing new thirty second spots. There might not be much room left for blogistic verbiage.


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