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The Second Second Story Series - Part Three

Today we continue Mixed Meters' exciting series on the 30th anniversary of The Second Second Story Series, four concerts in April & May 1978 produced by the Independent Composers Association (ICA) in Los Angeles. You can read the second Second Second Story Series post here. Read the first one there.

Here is a picture of composer Carl Stone looking up at Mobile 4 John Cage by Jan Greenwald, performed on concert one. The mobile is the score for her piece. At first I thought Carl was holding a drum - but what he's really doing is trying to shine light on the mobile using a lampshade. Lighting was a problem in the venue. This was before Carl started his website

Carl Stone with Jan Greenwald's Mobile 4 John Cage Second Second Story Series
Today, May 7, is the anniversary of the third concert. Music by Anna Rubin, Carl Stone, Richard Amromin, Stephen Mitchell, Robert Jacobs, Scott Fraser and someone named DAVE Ocker. (Soon after these concerts I stopped calling myself "Dave" - but I don't object if others choose to call me that. The reason I stopped will require a separate blog post. )

Credit for the pictures in this and the other Second Second Story Series posts goes to Robert Jacobs who is currently living the life of the creative visual artist. He took the color photos with his Polaroid camera. And he saved the black and white ones (photographer unknown) all these years. Please visit Rob's websites at Robert Jacobs Art and Angels of Protection.

There are SO many pictures that I've decided to add at least one extra Second Second posting - probably between now and the last concert (the highly successful series finale) on May 30. Click any picture for an enlarging experience.

Here are composers Scott Fraser (wearing his summery Koss Pro-4AA headphones) and Stephen Mitchell.

Scott Fraser and Stephen Mitchell at Second Second Story Series
PROGRAM THREE - May 7, 1978

TRIX OCARINAS for three ocarinas and percussion (1978) -- Anna Rubin
(world premiere)
ocarinas by Susan Rawcliffe

LIM for magnetic tape (1972) -- Carl Stone

for magnetic tape (1974) -- Dave Ocker

for piano (1967-1978) -- Richard Amromin
(world premiere)


LAZULI for magnetic tape (1977) -- Stephen Mitchell

EL DIA for two clarinets and piano (1977) -- Robert Jacobs
(World Premiere)

RECITATION for magnetic tape (1978) -- Scott Fraser

TRIX OCARINAS for three ocarinas and percussion (1978) -- Anna Rubin

The program book for the entire series (which you can download as a pdf here) contains the full program with performers' names, program notes for every piece, composer biographies and other exciting stuff.

Here are composers Anna Rubin (at left) and Susan Palmer and bassoonist Carolyn Beck. Carolyn belonged to the CSUN Contemporary Ensemble which performed on the second concert. Below is a picture of conductor and CSUN professor Daniel Kessner (now retired, I believe).

Anna Rubin, Susan Palmer, Carolyn Beck - Second Second Story Seriesconductor Daniel Kessner - Second Second Story Series
Next is a group shot of seven ICA members on the "stage" of the Center for Yoga. Left to Right: Richard Amromin, Anna Rubin, Dave Ocker, Robert Jacobs, Susan Palmer, Lois Vierk (with improvised eyeglasses) and Stephen Mitchell (on a folding chair separated slightly from the others for reasons unknown.)

ICA members at Center for Yoga - Amromin Rubin Ocker Jacobs Palmer Vierk Mitchell
The next two pictures seem to have been taken at ICA meetings in someone's home or apartment. Going to meetings was the primary activity of an ICA member. We had countless meetings. The first shot shows Stephen Mitchell and Jan Greenwald; the second Lois Vierk and myself.

ICA Members at meeting - Steve Mitchell and Jan GreenwaldICA members at meeting - Lois Vierk and David Ocker

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