Friday, May 23, 2008

Doodles around the House, Part One

This is the first of two posts documenting small doodles which I do at odd moments around the house. This post contains Phone Message Doodles. I do these while I listen to your endless messages on our answering machine. (You know who you are.)

Two Faces Doodle (c) David Ocker
My doodles are not intentional representations. Sometimes, however, they end up looking like something. For example the first one looks like two faces, one floating in mid-air and the other squashed into the ground while wearing a pointed German military helmet.

The next one looks to me like a cow's skull.

Cow Skull Doodle (c) David OckerOthers will see different things in these little drawings. For example, Leslie will think this is a drawing of one of her sea worms.

Polychaete Doodle (c) David OckerDear reader, please share your own ideas about what these pictures really are. Just add a comment at the end of the post (or email me at the link in Hey, Over Here On The Left).

Next doodle: Pooh Bear, missing an eye and with an inverted-heart shaped heart.

Pooh Bear Doodle (c) David Ocker
Happy Heart Face Doodle (c) David Ocker
This is obviously a Turtle. That's because Leslie added the shell. I only drew the long, extended phallic neck and face part of it.

Turtle Doodle (c) David OckerThe most problematic one comes last. I'd say it was a picture of a man, wearing a huge court jester's hat while skiing downhill backwards. Yes, that must be it. I know these things. I'm the artist.

Skiing With Oversize Jester Hat Doodle (c) David Ocker
The yellow ones were drawn on Post-It notes. Click any picture for a horribly larger version.

You can also read Doodles Around the House, Part Two.

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