Thursday, May 08, 2008

One Year of Mixed Messages

Hey, over on the right where it says "Hey! Over here on the right.", is Mixed Messages - a whole other blog. My other blog. One of my other blogs.

Today (May 8, 2008) is the one-year anniversary of my first post to Mixed Messages. In 29 more years I'll make a big deal out of it.

Click here to see the initial Mixed Messages post. Or just look at this picture. The three little duckie squeeze-water-pistols are still in their individual cat-food-tin boats buffeted by the waves of our kitchen counter.

three duckies in cat food tins (c) David Ocker
Mixed Messages is a TumbleLog hosted by Tumblr. Go start your own. I started mine because I wanted a way to post single pictures or little items frequently and easily. Each post here on Mixed Meters takes too much time and thought.

If you go to Mixed Messages most recent post you can scroll back through page after page of previous Mixed Messages posts using the hard-to-find "previous" or "next" links at the very bottom of each page.

Starbucks table with half-eaten Starbucks treat (c) David Ocker
Mixed Messages posts automatically appear in the right hand column here at Mixed Meters through the miracle of RSS, whatever that is. For a while the Mixed Messages pictures re-sized automatically when they appeared at Mixed Meters - but something changed and I can't fix it. So Mixed Meters readers can only see the left half of every Mixed Messages picture. Click on them to enable the workaround. It's a burden I'm willing to have you bear.

Gradually I settled on two principal categories for Mixed Messages content:
  • my own original pictures
  • music-related quotes which I found amusing (either because of their profundity or because of their utter stupidity. Can you tell the difference? Try it with this one.)

The most popular Mixed Messages post falls into neither category. (It gets a lot of hits from the search engines.)

Many of my Mixed Messages pictures (and hundreds more) can be see at my Flickr Blog.

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