Friday, May 30, 2008

Monsters of Downtown Los Angeles

I took these pictures on a short walk from Disney Concert Hall to Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles.

Poulty Market sign in Los Angeles Chinatown - (c)David Ocker
Gateway Dragon to Los Angeles Chinatown - (c) David Ocker
The New High School Overlooks the Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles (c) David Ocker
No signs of Godzilla, but the last picture seems to be his robotic cousin. I didn't know they made Erector Sets that big.

Click each picture to make the monsters bigger.

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Kraig Grady said...

What is that last structure they are building?

David Ocker said...

Here's a link to an LA Times article on the controversy over this thing - which is apparently finished as you see it here.,1,7957405.column

If you hold your mouse over the picture you should see the "alt" text: "The New High School Overlooks the Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles" - yep, it's a part of a new high school. A useless part.

ericnp said...

It should look fabulous once rust and freeway ivy take hold. Give another 20 years, you'll see.