Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doodles Around the House - Part Two

Because we love our four cats (and also the little birds outside which our healthy, fluffy, well-fed predators might hunt and kill) we do not let the cats outside .. ever.

Shark Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
Problems arise with multiple always-indoor cats. For example: getting the kitties to pee in appropriate places. We provide them with boxes of cat sand which they use instinctively.

Venn Diagram Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
Inside a cat's walnut-sized brain, however, it apparently seems just as instinctive to use the soft absorbent seat of an overstuffed chair. We have several overstuffed chairs and two couches. Those are sort of like boxes of cat sand ... to a cat. I guess.

Mushroom Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
To protect our overstuffed cat-box-like-to-a-cat furniture we cover it with pee-impermeable materials. An excellent easily available chair-size sheet of impermeable plastic is the common vinyl shower curtain liner. Available in a wide variety of mostly garish colors.

Abstract Phallus Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
I can tell you from experience that store checkout clerks will ALWAYS ask why you are buying a half dozen or more shower curtain liners. My first answer: "We have a lot of bathrooms"

Then I tell the truth.

Face in the Balloon Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
Each shower curtain liner comes equipped with three little magnets at the bottom designed to hold the curtain against the tub. When the liners become torn (think cat claws) and thus non-impermeable, we toss them out.

But I try to rescue the three magnets first. These wind up on our kitchen refrigerator.

Abstract Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
Recently our came-with-the-house-when-we-moved-in refrigerator stopped refrigerating. We replaced it. The old one was sent off with some nice men who promised it a good home.

But first the nice men made me take down all the various magnet-held pictures and coupons and memorabilia and stuff which was attached to it.

One-eared Bunny Rabbit Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
When the new unit was in place I started to reattach the pictures and coupons and memorabilia and stuff. But it seemed wrong to hide this brilliant, gray, metallic, functional and, most importantly, NEW refrigerator with all that crap.

So all we did was put the cat-pee protecting vinyl shower curtain magnets on the fridge and nothing else.

Round Face Magnet Doodle (c) David Ocker
Nature took its course, of course. Instinctively I started forming designs out of the magnets and taking pictures of some. Please do NOT click on any picture above for a closer view of these Refrigerator Magnet Doodles. There's no reason to. There's nothing you can't see already.

Here's a wide-angle shot of doodle workspace shown in the kitchen. You might want to click on just this one to see more detail. You might also want to read Doodles Around the House - Part One which has nothing to do with cats.

Film projector Magnet Doodle In the Kitchen (c) David Ocker

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