Thursday, December 07, 2006

Morph Your Face

The effects of growing old, the obsession of my boomer co-generationists, can be reduced to a few seconds of video thanks to the new verb "morphing". According to the Online Etymology Dictionary "morphing" is celebrating its 15th anniversary of "verbal wordhood" this year (or should that be "verbness") - making it just slightly older than my marriage to Leslie.

Click here to view a portrait of a real woman changing gradually over 69 years in just a few seconds. She never takes her eyes off you. (Warning: annoying music.)

Here's a YouTuber of something even better - but virtual. (Warning: annoying music.)

Of course morphing can have its dark side - and I'm not talking about skin color. (Warning: really disturbing images.)

(Here is another Mixed Meter posting on Michael Jackson explaining how he will be remembered in the future.)

And finally - here is Noah - one picture per day for six years crammed into 6 minutes. Stare into his eyes or you'll get really dizzy. I hope he keeps this up at least until his hairline starts to recede. (Warning: really annoying music.)

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