Monday, December 11, 2006

Photo triptych - The Skunk Hunt

Long ago my friend, bassoonist and composer John Steinmetz, presented me with a framed panel of three photos - showing a young barefoot boy hunting and killing a skunk. I believe he had found it in a thrift shop. The first picture is marked 1924.

I was never sure why I liked it. Once someone asked if I was the boy in the photo.

It hung in an out-of-the-way place in my office for many years. Then it spent more years in the closet. Soon it will return to another thrift shop.

But first, in an effort to both throw it away and not throw it away, I scanned it for blog filler. Click on it for a closer view.

Young barefoot boy hunting and killing a skunk
Each picture has a caption:
1) "I saw him go in!" '24
2) "Here he is!"
3) "See! Smell!"

The back of the frame has a sticker which reads: "GERRITY - 50 Central St. Bangor, ME. - Frames Pictures Photographic Supplies".

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