Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reagan says Give Chesterfields for Christmas

Here's a picture of Ronald Wilson Reagan (before he became the Insane Anglo Warlord, see previous post) with a lit one in his mouth, telling us that Chesterfield cigarettes make great Christmas gifts.

Spokesman for Chesterfield Cigarettes
(Note, this picture came from this wonderful archive of old tobacco ads on Flickr)

The fine print suggests that we all go see Ronnie starring in the 1952 movie Hong Kong (also called "Bombs Over China") in which he practices for his later acting roles by battling movie Communism.

This is my mother, Edythe Ocker, a few years earlier, before I existed. She has a drink in one hand and a cigarette in her other hand (although the fag itself is not visible.) Mom's brand? Chesterfield.

That's my uncle Ben Shuman, now of Jerusalem Israel, a non-smoker, cavorting in the background.

Edythe Ocker - late 1940s - with Chesterfield cigarette

This is one of my Mother's last packs of Chesterfields. I saved these after she passed away from smoking-related cancer twenty years ago this month. Although she told us that she had given up smoking when she started chemo, apparently she was sneaking the occasional nicotine fix in her bathroom using the exhaust fans to hide the evidence. (Click for enlargement.)

Edythe Ocker's last pack of cigarettes - she kept smoking even after she began chemotherapy for smoking-related cancer

This is the detail of the drawing on the front of the Chesterfield package, an idyllic Middle Eastern coastal scene. I count seven minarets and four domed buildings. One boat. I don't see any Humvees.

Chesterfield Cigarette logo - detail of package - minarets and domes

I recently scanned and posted dozens of my old family photos to share with family. If you'd like to see them too, drop me a line.

Someone in Russia will buy Chesterfields cheaply and mail them to you for Christmas or any holiday. Click here. I don't recommend this. Poison is not as much fun when you are aware that it is killing you. (Even if you are someone who still believes Ronald Reagan could tell no lies.)
"I'M SENDING CHESTERFIELDS to all my friends. That's the merriest Christmas any smoker can have - Chesterfield mildness plus no unpleasant after-taste." Ronald Reagan.

See RONALD REAGAN starring in "HONG KONG" a ?? Thomas Paramount Production. Color by Technicolor.

CHESTERFIELD Buy the beautiful Christmas-card carton.

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Anonymous said...

Our latest Hollywood president won't leave any alcohol or cigarette ads as his legacy. A shame really. Seems like all the best enjoyed smoke and drink at some point.