Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who's Saluting What?

This is like a quiz. Answers below.

1) What was this native of Austria doing in this photo?

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, his well-defined muscles all oiled up, makes a gesture that's easy to misinterpret
2) What were these men of god doing in Berlin in August 1933?

Priests giving the Hitler salute at a Catholic youth rally in the Berlin-Neukölln stadium in August 1933

3) What explanation was given for what these imaginary men are doing in this illustration from a recent article about a new German toy?

Nikolaus macht den Hitler-Gruß - Santa Claus makes Hitler salute - illustration of article about Nazi-saluting Santa models

4) What is this child dressed as Hitler doing during this man on the street interview?

Beat Kids - Man on the Street Interview - What's Wrong With Youth Today

1) Showing off his muscle development.
2) Giving the Nazi salute.
3) Pointing at the sky.
4) Asking for a high five.

The priests-at-a-Catholic-youth-rally picture came from here.

Here's a story in English about the saluting Santas.
Another in German.
The toymaker behind the Nazi Santas is unimpressed with the unwanted attention their product is receiving. "We are surprised that a Santa pointing skyward has been associated with the Hitler salute," he told Bild.
Here's a fascinating article at WFMU's Beware the Blog on the subject of Christmas under the Nazis.

The Child-Hitler-interviewing-people-on-the-street picture comes from this disturbing video.

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