Monday, December 18, 2006

The Gift of Music

"iPod" - just say the word once and you'll find a dozen products to connect to it. And if you're looking for the perfect gift for your favorite iPod-swilling music fan, here it is: The iPod toilet paper holder from Atech Flash Technology. You'll want one for every room.

iPod toilet paper holder

Is there a hard-to-buy-for giraffe lover on your list? Yep, think the "giraffe listening to an iPod" t-shirt from the Los Angeles Zoo. (Click on the picture for a close-up of the orange musical notes and "scented apparel" sticker. It doesn't say what the t-shirt smells of, however.)

giraffe with ipod scented t-shirt at L.A. Zoo

Miuro, an iPod robot is available now only in Japan. It apparently moves about the room doing tricks to the music. Here's the site in Japanese and also translated into English by Babelfish. Here's Miuro in action at YouTube

Some Babelfish translated quotes from the FAQ page:
It is the worldwide first music player who loads autonomous locomotive function.

miuro - iPod robot
List of what it does:
* IPod playback
* The playback of iTunes and WindowsMediaPlayer
* Playback of Internet radio program
* In addition playback of audio equipment
* It moves with remote control
* Autonomous movement to listening point
* Remote manipulation/the music communication which becomes more familiar
* Dancing & illumination

The new-music hacker college student in your life will love taking this plastic toy apart and figuring out how to hook it to their iPod or add a midi interface (that's definitely not what its makers intended however). It's the Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes Music Station, for ages 8 and up. The tubes are motion sensitive controllers - wave your hand over them and sound comes out. No physical contact required. Face paint not included.

Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes Music Station
We didn't have cheesy Blue Man percussion toys like this when I was a college student - we had to make do with cheesy Casio keyboard toys. Like the Casio VL-1 now completely and virtually and digitally and freely emulated as a VST plugin - whatever that is. Click here to get your copy today.

Casio VL-1

(I found this via Create Digital Music which also turned me on to this quiz - Can YOU tell which commercial logos are for digital audio products and which are for hair care products?)

Someday I suppose I should tell you the story of the Merlin Philharmonic Octet. Not tonight, kids.

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