Sunday, July 02, 2006

Trixie - the Independence Day Pig

Every year, composer Arthur Jarvinen and his lovely wife, cellist Lynn Angebrandt, host a Fourth of July barbecue at their home. The tradition is to roast a whole pig, Cuban style, under the watchful Cuban-descended eye of percussionist Robert Fernandez. Usually the pig is given the name of a famous Cuban. For some reason, this year's pig was named Trixie.

When Trixie was ready to eat Art called his lucky guests (including myself) to dinner using his simantron. Here's video of Art summoning us to pig out.

"What's a simantron?" Click here for Art's own explanation.

Problems with the embedded video? Try here. or (maybe) here

I accused Art of looking like the bearded Saddam Hussein. This is the face Art made to disapprove of my accusation.

I hope he'll still talk to me after this.

This is Art's Corkscrew.

This is a close up of Art's pants leg.

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Anonymous said...

so this is really random, but could you ask Art where he bought those robot pajama pants? Mine (same style/pattern) were stolen in college and I've been trying to find replacements ever since.

David Ocker said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but Art passed away in 2010, so your question will have to remain unanswered. I recommend you to the many articles on this blog about his music and life. Here's a post about the memorial service after his death: