Friday, July 14, 2006

In honor of Bastille Day

These are all video links.

A Very Strange French Song about Dogs (thanks to Music Thing)

A New Post-World Cup interpersonal French Tradition (thanks to Kill Ugly Radio)

Two French Television Commercials

Driving a Large Auto in France

A French gentleman holds the door for a lady.

And finally - two French Music Videos

French rock 'n roll band Golgoth 13 performs Magnetron - an actual instrumental! - clay animation of three Gumby-like dancers living on a Commodore 64.

News from the future (2011) This video is disappearing but you can find the Golgoth 13 website here (complete with retro-Commodore 64 fashion.)

Babylon Circus - this is a French Ska? band in performance - check out how the trumpet player does backup vocals

I took the picture of the truck at a Pasadena Farmer's Market - click to enlarge it.

This tree lives two doors from us.

On behalf my fellow citizens, I'd like to apologize for our silly collective behavior towards France. While we cherish independence, we find it difficult to be tolerant of others who might attempt to be independent of us.

Music Videos
Pictures of Plants

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