Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Selling Cable Television in Pasadena

Carpet One store with I Pooted Billboard for Cartoon Network Rosemead Avenue Pasadena July 5 2006 Click here for "I Pooted," the definition.

(Click on the pictures for enlargements.)

(Yes, Mixed Meters has stooped to running fart jokes.)

I Pooted Billboard for Cartoon Network Pasadena California Rosemead Blvd 210 Freeway July 5 2006Click here for "I Pooted," the video.

Another more explicit video with the same gaseous theme. (Would you believe a big dinosaur, a little dinosaur and a pig in a farting contest.)

Or revisit this "sterling" Mixed Meters post and scroll down to the video which features another farting pig and his hen friends.


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