Monday, July 10, 2006

John Adams & John Coltrane

This picture is a bit of tree trunk against a blue sky, cropped and rotated 180°.

What do you see?

Composer John Adams' website has just been completely revised, rolling into a new century. Click here for Lot's of good stuff to read about his many pieces. The wonderful pictures are by Debbie O'Grady - John's wife. (Yes, I should be working instead of blogging.)

Maybe you're the sort of person who sees images while listening to music. If not, then this fantastic computer-generated abstract movie which visualizes John Coltrane's Giant Steps nearly note for note, is for you.

It's by Israeli artist and designer Michal Levy and it deserves the "prestigious" Docker Award - too bad I stopped giving them out. (Thanks to New Music Box for the link.)

I now return you to your previously scheduled web browsing.

Pictures of Plants
Music Video

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W. Scott Smoot said...

I'd just checked John Adams' web site last week, and it hadn't been updated since before "Doctor Atomic" premiered in September. I took that as a sign that web sites are passe -- too bad for me, since I put so much into remaking mine last summer (

I've just posted a reflection on Adams on my blog, and stumbled across yours.

Your 30 second music idea is inspirational to me, especially the parts about having musical thoughts all the time and no audience for them.

Also saw some overlap in your blog interests and mine. I'll check back.