Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jury Duty - Dirty Story

This post describes the highpoints of my day Wednesday.

The arrow points roughly to where I sat around for the entire day on the 11th floor of the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Courts Building. I was making myself available to serve on a criminal trial jury . They didn't need me.
They also serve who only sit and wait

The white pointy building in the middle is Los Angeles City Hall.

Budget Rent-a-Car 626 831 5244 I took this picture on the drive home. A new low point in real estate advertising in Pasadena. For that price it's probably a condo. I enhanced the sign a bit to make it easier to read.

(Click on either picture for a larger view.)

In the evening Leslie and I watched Penn Gillette's (completely legal) movie The Aristocrats. I loved it. Leslie left the room after about 5 minutes.

CLEAN Aristocrats Video: Here's a the trailer suitable for viewing anywhere. (No actual dirty words or concepts. Lots and lots of innuendo.)

Here's the Aristocrats website.

DIRTY Aristocrats Video - WARNING Do NOT watch the following clips at work, with children or in the presence of moralist prigs.
Dirty Clip Number One
Dirtier Clip Number Two (Card Trick)
Dirtiest Clip Number Three (Gilbert Gottfried at the Friars, the climax of the movie)

A scholarly paper on the legal history of the word "Fuck"
(I found this link on WFMU blog.)


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