Tuesday, June 13, 2006

30 Second Spots - Flakes (Desiccant)

click here to hear Flakes (Desiccant) - this was an episode in a longer piece - but it was too boring even for that. So here it is as a spot.

Copyright © June, 2006 by David Ocker - 53 seconds

Explanation of 30 second spots

VIDEO: Kel McKeown splices 3 instructional videos…brilliant chops! Brilliant is the correct word for it. A trio - guitar, bass and drums - created out of sampled audio and video and teaching you the basics. Definitely a very cool mashup. A Docker Award would go to this if I were still giving out awards. Click here.

"Remember. Take your time, listen to the sound. Remember. Relax."

Thanks to Curved Air for hosting the video.

30 Second Spots
Music Video
Pictures of Plants

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