Friday, June 16, 2006

In which Mixed Meters wishes you a Happy Holiday

Today is Bloomsday - the 102nd anniversary of the day chronicled in minute detail by James Joyce in Ulysses.

Any day can be an odyssey. It took James Joyce to chisel one particular day into a monument made out verbal Irish granite.

Mixed Meters is happy to support any celebration not founded on military or religious principles. However, I really dislike the sacramental wine of Bloomsday - so someone can have mine. Besides, I've given up alcohol.

Not familiar with Ulysses? Here's Ulysses for Dummies which will have to pass for today's video link. (You might also want to read about the legal wranglings over the use of the phrase "for Dummies")

I suppose Bloomsday and Ulysses could eventually become the basis of a religion. Although another religion already has a book centered around a Jewish man. But maybe you still want to be the messiah anyway? Click here.

UPDATE: Ulysses, the movie version!


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