Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In which David Survives his Most Depressing Sunset

A few friends don't believe this but I keep a very regular daily schedule. Bedtime is usually about 6 a.m. and I wake up mid-afternoon. I'll admit that I've made career choices based on what time I needed to be awake.

Since I sleep through so much of the day, in Autumn or Winter the amount of afternoon sunlight I get is very important to me. Bright sunlight is a great awakener.

By late October the days are noticably shorter. One evil night Daylight Savings Time ends and the clock falls back. That next afternoon is always the Most Depressing. It suddenly gets pitch dark way too early and I have to face two more months of even shorter days.

I have tricks for maximizing my few hours of daylight everyday. What were they? In the far north this must happen to people who sleep on normal schedules. But in Southern California it's my own fault.



Anonymous said...

Hey, David. I admit this is my first time I've ventured into the blogging world. Yours is a good introduction and I've read most everything you've written so far. It's nice to peek into someone's thoughts beyond the quick and casual hello.

Maybe I'll see you at Starbuck's again soon.

And your text is clear and legible.


Anonymous said...

Is Leslie's schedule similar to yours?