Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In which David Has Some Fun Now

S commented about Moment of Coincidence: "... it would seem that the whole idea of the 30" pieces is, on some level, for the excercise in general to be FUN as opposed to being WORK ...."

So you're saying the opposite of FUN is WORK? Makes sense. I often say "no matter how much fun you have doing something, if you do it long enough, eventually it becomes work."

Don't confuse having fun writing music (that's the essence of 30" Spots) with the music itself being fun.

Composers are often given great respect for composing happy music in spite of their lives being total disasters. Couldn't a composer who's having fun, fun, fun all the time write sad music? I think maybe so.

(Now on my CD player: Richard Galliano Septet - Piazzolla Forever - a wonderful album, but not fun. Piazzolla's music is never "fun" but he must have enjoyed composing.)

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how "music can be fun" or how music can be anything, except, of course, music. The fun, or whatever, is in the experience of the music. What is your experience in composing the 30" spots? And, while not very experienced of Piazzolla's music, I have had fun listening to some of it, so why is it that you say his music is never "fun"? And did we really eat chocolate chip cookies with mustard? Was it fun? I hope so, because it's not very likely that it was very good.