Friday, November 11, 2005

In Which David Collects Random Thoughts

  1. One of life's little pleasures - persimmons. I just had my first of the season. But if you don't know when it's ripe, it's no fun.
  2. According to the L.A. Times being a member of a street gang is good training for a career in the Papparazzi.
  3. Back in the 80's I tried not to shop at any grocery store which had installed price scanners. That didn't last long. Now I'm wishing I could not patronize any business with a voice mail system. (Press 1 if you agree.)
  4. I laughed hysterically at the ending of the Marx Brothers' movie (A Day) At the Circus. An orchestra, on a floating dock, drifts across a lake into the fog whicle playing Wagner. If I have to listen to Wagner please let it be from a great distance.
  5. I could have hit a Mormon Missionary with my car - clean cut young guy in black pants and white shirt on a bike. He ran a red light trying to keep up with another similarly attired guy who had made it through the intersection legally. If I had not been paying attention I would have hit him . . . bam! "Not my fault, officer." But sometimes I think I'm a traffic accident waiting to happen.




1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Hey, David,

Agreed on #4. Wagner is well used in fragments as an contrasting backdrop for something hysterically funny, like Not-Karl-Marx's Brothers, or in something like a Quentin Terentino (sp?) twisted serial-type killer sequence.