Thursday, November 10, 2005

30 Second Spots times three - My Dad Was Crying for a Bird and Fell Asleep in a Chair

I wrote My Dad Was Crying for a Bird very quickly on November 5. So I copied the "Cantus Firmus" part and created a second spot called My Dad Fell Asleep in a Chair. They're each 34 seconds long and the long notes are the same in both. The similarity ends there.

The first title was said by a teen-ager at Starbucks. Her voice could have carried from Pasadena to Santa Monica. The second is a reference to my own Father, whose habit of falling asleep in a chair after work I've recently fallen into.

It occured to me to combine the two simultaneously. Uncreatively I called the combo My Dad Was Crying for a Bird and Fell Asleep in a Chair. Is this the Ugly Music for which life is too short?

Listen to three, two, one or none of them and in any order. They're all linked from the same page.

Explanation of 30 second spots
30 Second Spots

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Anonymous said...

Hey, David,

Agreed on #4. Wagner seems well used as a contrasting backdrop to something hysterically funny, like the Not-Karl-Marx's Brothers. I guess a Wagner fragnment also has potential in some Quentin Terentino'esque ulta-violent killing sequence, but there's a lot of strong competition out there for music-to-do-evil-deeds-to.

Jean O.