Tuesday, November 08, 2005

30 Second Spots - Moment of Coincidence

Moment of Coincidence - an oldie: written August 3, 2005, over three months ago. I have absolutely no memory of what the title referred to. 38 seconds.

My friend Art Jarvinen (whose photo makes it clear he knows the meaning of the word) wrote to say that he thought my pieces were "fun". So I, always the contrarian, picked this piece out of the directory because to me it seems completely the opposite of fun - whatever that is.

Coming soon: more un-fun spots.

Explanation of 30 second spots
30 Second Spots

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but, you see, it would seem that the whole idea of the 30" pieces is, on some level, for the excercise in general to be FUN as opposed to being WORK (although, clearly, there is always WORK of some sort in any activity that is FUN). So, you see, you're in a bit of a metamorphical or metaphorical PICKLE there, you see.

Hmmm. This IS fun.