Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Parrot Duet

It began with Birds Who Don't Know the Words.

Then Squawk! followed by Flap.

There was Water With Ducks.

And just recently The Mister and Mockingbirds.

Today I add The Parrot Duet to this list.

For some reason I keep making music videos which feature birds of one sort or another. Most of them feature the bird sounds as well.

The Parrot Duet features two love-bird parrots sitting on a wire. We see them in silhouette against the sky. In reality these birds are green with red head feathers, descendants of long-since escaped pet parrots.  I often see flocks of similar parrots here in the San Gabriel Valley.  I hear them even more often.

The ones in the video look like those in this picture. Notice how they're paired off into couples.

I adapted and expanded some music I was already working on to fit the video.  The music uses trumpet and piano sounds.  I tried not to obscure the bursts of parrot love vocals, as if anything could cover such raucous singing.

The Parrot Duet © 2012 by David Ocker 146 Seconds

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