Monday, July 16, 2012

Freud Was Wrong About The Cigar

Leslie has a lot of strange plants in her garden. She keeps working on raising orchids and has gotten good with african violets.  Her best category lately has been various carnivorous plants - like pitcher plants or Venus flytraps. They eat insects and we love them for it.

She came home with a new Venus fly trap the other day plus something she called a "sensitive" plant. The web tells me that it's also called mimosa pudica.  I don't know what this species has in common with a mixture of champagne and orange juice.  Probably nothing.

She demonstrated the wonderous properties of mimosa by raising the thing a couple inches and dropping it on a table.  The leaves reacted by curling up.  Self-defense, I guess.  The poor thing is probably afraid of its own shadow.

I whipped out the aging point-'n'shoot from my pocket and made a video of this vegetarian flight response.  Later I edited the video a bit, adding titles and repeating a section in slow motion (that worked better in my imagination than in reality).  The whole video barely breaks a minute.

Here it is if you want to watch. You can see part of Chowderhead on the ground behind the table. The finger aggravating the poor sensitive plant belongs to Leslie herself.

When I'd finished video editing I decided to it would be better with some music. I dropped a few tracks onto the video and I found one that seemed to work well enough. It's called Freud Was Wrong About The Cigar. I don't know why I called it that.

Since only the first minute of the piece was needed for the video I figured I'd link to the complete online version on the off chance that someone who reads Mixed Meters is obsessed with cigars. That's when I discovered that I had never uploaded FWWATC.   I composed it in May of 2011.  It's on my iPod where I listen to it periodically.

I don't know why I didn't share it.  Better late than never.

Click here to hear Freud Was Wrong About The Cigar - © 2012 David Ocker - 108 seconds

This is Freud's first appearance on Mixed Meters.

You can see a cigar in this post about a Fourth of July barbecue.

Cigarettes have come up previously in conjunction with my Mother and Ronald Reagan.

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