Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Peter Schmid Quartet Plays Maximum Wage

Last year I posted two tracks of my music as performed by the pianist Peter Schmid and his buddies.  They're as close to an all-psychic musical ensemble as you could hope for. The tunes were called Work for Food and Too Poor To Be A Whore.

We just finished another one.  It's called Maximum Wage.

The title was inspired by this picture of a protester, possibly from the Occupy movement, holding a sign which reads "Why is there no maximum wage?".  The concept of setting a limit on income for people who make too much money was discussed in this recent Mixed Meters post:  Why Is There No Maximum Wage?

Click here to hear The Peter Schmid Quartet Plays Maximum Wage - by David Ocker © 2012 - 301 seconds

Recorded at Aphrodita Japonica Studios, Pasadena, California

The quartet is:
Peter Schmid, piano
Lori Terhune, guitar
Cornel Reasoner, bass
Luis 'Pulpo' Jolla, drums

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Kraig Grady said...

Glad you are not letting up on the maximum wage idea. It even made you write maybe your maximum length piece in a while~