Friday, July 13, 2012

The Name of This Piece Is

I picked the title of a new 30 Second Spot so that I could write the following sentence.
The name of this piece is The Name Of This Piece Is.
It's a simple title, easy to remember.  Titles are supposed to help you understand what a piece of music is about.  Alternatively they can give you a visual or poetic image to associate with the music.  Or a title could give you some expectation of the structure of the music or of a certain historical artistic tradition which might give it context.

As a title for a piece of music I think The Name Of This Piece Is works well on all those levels.  Don't you agree?

Musically, The Name Of This Piece Is is short and jazzy with a healthy dose of perplexingly wrong notes woven into the fine-grained tapestry of spicy non-verbal contextuality.   Or something.

Click here to hear The Name Of This Piece Is - © 2012 by David Ocker 53 seconds

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