Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shard by Elliott Carter - doubled

Shard is a solo guitar piece by famous high-modernist centenarian New York composer Elliott Carter who writes not-my-favorite music. To me it sounds difficult and not much else.

Here are two versions from You Tube. If played simultaneously they produce a curious phasing synchronization - a mad mad improvisation.

INSTRUCTIONS: Start the top video first. When it gets to 5 or 6 seconds start the second. You might need to let both videos load completely first. The vagaries of Internet speed may affect your personal experience.

Watch the players faces for best effect.

YouTube Doubler

If you have trouble with this, you might try this link instead where the two will start automatically. Good luck.

The separate videos are here and here.

Thanks to Tom Brodhead for sending me the link to performer two. He compared the experience of listening simultaneously with the nausea of radiation therapy.

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Kraig Grady said...

I had a roommate and we used to do this with different Reich pieces and especially different versions of the rite of spring.
I am not the biggest Carter fan as what make his music work has nothing to do with his structural methods. He does i feel have a true melodic gift and this is what carries it.