Friday, December 11, 2009

Classical Music Sells Out

Here's a list. Go ahead, take a guess what it is.
  1. Josh Groban
  2. Andrea Bocelli
  3. Il Divo
  4. Charlotte Church
  5. Sarah Brightman
  6. Yo-Yo Ma
  7. The Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra
  8. Luciano Pavarotti
  9. London Symphony Orchestra
  10. Bond
  11. Russell Watson
  12. Andre Rieu
  13. John Williams
  14. Paul Potts
  15. Joshua Bell
  16. Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  17. Sting
  18. Renee Fleming
  19. Hayley Westenra
  20. Placido Domingo
  21. Amici Forever
  22. Richard Joo
  23. Daniel Rodriguez
  24. Celilia Bartoli
  25. Ronan Tynan
Yes, this is Billboard's Top-25 Classical Music Artists of the Decade 2000-2009. There are seven names I don't even recognize.

If you're the sort of classical musician who isn't bothered by this I suggest you watch Bond (a high-heeled string quartet, #10 above) perform this excerpt from a well-known classical warhorse. Be sure to listen at least until the drums enter.

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MarK said...

This particular piece can only be improved by light rock treatment and especially by hot-looking babes. It does not bother me at all. Now, if they tried to do the same thing to something like Schubert's "Death and Maiden" quartet, then i would be reacting very differently. The list is definitely pretty scary.

annelaberge said...

My husband has known about bond for years. This was my first exposure. Not sure if I'm glad or sad.

Anonymous said...

As someone with a rather deep involvement with an apparently NON-top 25 Billboard ranked string quartet, you don't want to get me started about Bond. All I'll say is I hope those kids are making a lot of money & investing it wisely, because some day, when they are no longer young & beautiful, they will be waiting tables & cleaning motel rooms.

Scott Fraser

Kraig Grady said...

Think of it as a foreign country hearing western music for the first time and this is how they incorporate it.
The Balinese bury their old music into the lower levels and then build upon it. It is something i realize new music never did. It just left the corpse in the open. This at least throws a few shovel fulls but still not enough.

ericnp said...

It's Billboard, I wouldn't expect anything different.