Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crash Bang Boom

I looked for music-related old-time school instructional videos on the site http://www.avgeeks.com

I found this one. It's really annoying. Also mesmerizing. Also incredibly stupid. It's called Crash, Bang Boom. Learn about percussion instruments (and there's a rock band to watch and a chorus to listen to):

Here are the credits:
Copyright (c) MCMLXX by Eric Productions
Produced by Eric Productions
Richard Jackson
Dale Jergenson

As a bonus, but only of tangential relevance, here's a more dramatic, less educational MM favorite: Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers:

(This vid doesn't load? Click here.)

The subject of Musical Instruments comes up rather often on Mixed Meters. Click here. Don't expect anything educational.

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Anonymous said...

I've watched other gems on AVGeeks but this one is unique & uniquely efficient in bringing about an intense desire to end my life in well under the first minute. Did you get far enough in to see the Norton Simon Museum (then Pasadena Art Museum) backdrop, & the BPOE across the street? Definitely requires patience, but as Koestler tells us "Patience is a form of activity."
Scott Fraser

David Ocker said...

Thanks Scott. Yeah, a movie made in Pasadena. There's Rose Parade footage as well.


Tony Pellum said...

Same credits, MORE annoying?