Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Walking Pictures

I walk quite a lot every day. On most walks I take no pictures. Today however I found a deceased rodent in everlasting repose on the grass, a defaced stop sign praising pacifism outside a Catholic church, a metaphor for birth and death outside a mortuary parking lot and a preview of the upcoming Rose Parade which doesn't even happen until January 1, 2010. Mixed Meters brings you the future, now.

Exit and Enter the Mortuary
Dead Squirrel on the Grass
Stop All War stop sign
Here's a picture of another recent guerilla art piece in Pasadena which has become famous but is not particularly deep philosophically. I mean, is a pun on the word FORK comparable in any sense with an urgent exhortation to stop all war?

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Anonymous said...

Seems bigger is better then bold. Enter/Exit...Luvvv