Thursday, December 03, 2009


Here's a short piece of music, a 30 Second Spot, combined with some simple video to distract you. The title is BLOBS. The reason for the title should be obvious. Other things are less obvious.

But this haiku will explain everything:
Pure Cholesterol,
Floating, artery clogging.
Can you get the phone?

Copyright © 2009 by David Ocker - 125 seconds

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Got no clue why I call this a "30 Second Spot"? Read this.


ericnp said...

I've listened to this a few times now and I like it better without the BLOBS. Do we want to know more about the blobs? Were they residing in the kitchen?

David Ocker said...

Think back to the story of our aborted Thanksgiving. In preparation to BBQ the bird we figured a test run of cooking something on the Barbie would be a good idea. About a week before we invited some friends over for burgers and bought three pounds of high-fat-content ground beef.

Alas, we let time slip by and coals weren't ready when the hungry guests arrived. We put the burgers on the grill anyway. Not a good plan. They were charred on the outside and raw inside.

Leslie finished cooking them on a griddle on the stove top. The griddle has a raised edge. She filled it with water after the meat had been removed. The blobs floated. I sensed a photo opportunity. I took out my camera. At one point I asked her to shake the griddle while I videoed.

It would be a better video if it were in focus, don't you think.