Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fixed In The Mix

Musicians have a dismissive saying "Fix it in the mix". It means that some technical hocus-pocus, long after the recording session, can cover mistakes or improve a performance.

These two videos by Lasse Gjertsen (a Norwegian who might relate to my still unwritten autobiography "Having a Bad Hair Life"), are entirely performed "in the mix". "Hyperactive" shows Lasse singing a drum set and "Amateur" is his piano and drum duet complete with cigarette break. Very impressive, well paced and funny.

Lasse's MySpace page has more of his videos
- but don't go there if you've ever contemplated suicide. I guess too much snow and darkness take their toll on creative people.

I was turned onto Lasse's videos by the blog Music Thing which has links to similar mix-fixed video. And I gotta plug my other favorite video mashup Three Piece Band by Kel McKeon still available at the blog Curved Air. Thanks!

Want to practice the drum kit but you only have a computer? Click here.

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