Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving and Forgiveness

There was a soundbite of Richard Perle, one of the evil neo-cons who got us into our most recent Vietnam, on NPR yesterday as I made yet another trip to the supermarket in a quest for more Thanksgiving calories.

Perle said "It's time to talk about the true price of failure."
He meant Failure in Iraq. The story is called "Cultural Shift Coming at the Pentagon" by reporter Guy Raz.

Perle is an ultra-fervent true-believer idealogue who shares a lot of responsibility for our Iraqi fiasco. When he calls our Iraq adventure a "failure" it ought to be big news. But it's a holiday so no one will pay too much attention.

Our turkey, before dinner

This week America is busy travelling and eating too much and wasting what we don't eat and watching football and shopping for bargains on Black Friday. Since everyone knew in their hearts that Iraq was a failure anyway, saying it outloud is no biggie, I guess.

Whatever the "true price of failure" really is, all Americans will have to help pay the tab. I suspect the neocons are sitting around their Thanksgiving tables giving thanks for having engineered such a resounding failure of a war and gotten us to pay their share.

Meanwhile I'm waiting for just one neocon to apologize.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

We, as Americans, should be asking ourselves "What do the Iraqis have to be thankful for this year?" I mean besides the obvious fact that we Americans are stuffing ourselves with stuffing and standing in line trying to save a buck or two at WalMart and they are not.

Is there anything about Iraqi life that is better now than it was 4 years ago back when Saddam was in power? I doubt it.

Is there anything about the American invasion that Iraqis would give thanks for considering their monthy civilian death toll is higher than that of 9/11? Hard to imagine any enthusiasm when the news cameras are off.

Our Turkey, Afterwards
As a nation, the United States of America needs to get our collective nose out of our national bird's carcass and start considering how much harm we have done. Good intentions are no excuse. Instead of celebrating a holiday of excess and waste and ascribing good fortune to invisible gods, we need a Holiday of Asking for Forgiveness.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

George II visited Vietnam recently. Forgiveness for the Vietnam War seems possible. The Vietnamese are even doing pretty well adopting our favorite dogma, Capitalism.

The Iraqis, still upset about all those medieval Christian Crusades, are not likely to be forgiving at all. Moving beyond our mistakes and crimes in Iraq is going to take a lot of effort and collective sacrifice and compromise and money and humility from all Americans for a very long time.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Poor Turkey

Here's another quote from Richard Perle:
A year from now, I'll be very surprised if there is not some grand square in Baghdad that is named after President Bush.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah like THAT's gonna happen.

rickdog said...

yes, the iraqi civilian death toll is monthly greater than 9-11. but what about the lancet report that 655,000 deaths have occurred? that's about 10,000 a month, much more than reported. as it is, only deaths that are caused by recognized sources are counted, if they don't know who's killing who, it doesn't count. it's interesting that the administration discounts the 650K number, calling it wildly inflated, whilst the exact same epistemological techniques were used to report the deaths in african countries where genocide is rampant, and these studies were accepted by the administration and entered into the official record. the news about iraq is carefully managed, reporters who have given unbiased reports from there in the past are not allowed in. one must look to the foreign press for a real understanding on what is happening there. i am so, so sad about the decline of standing the u.s. has in the world, the untold deaths, and our lost future. may those responsible burn in hell.