Monday, November 27, 2006

Leslie and The Ackles

My wife and resident Marine Biologist, Leslie Harris, spent most of October hunched over her microscope remarkably free of nausea aboard a NOAA research vessel searching for spineless critters smack dab in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean - also known as in the middle of nowhere.

And - she never even left Hawaii. Here's a picture of her at the railing of the Oscar Eldon Sette somewhere in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands.

Although apparently unchanged since they returned to dry land, the project's website is available here if you'd like to know more. Also on the website is a feature article on Leslie's work with Illegal Aliens (er, I mean, Introduced Species).
Leslie Harris aboard the research vessel Oscar Elton Sette, mid Pacific, October 2006
Meanwhile, as promised, back on the homefront, here are some Occasional Cat Photos. This is Spackle wishing she could swallow a fly.

Spackle, flying insect alert system
Here are Spackle (L) and Crackle - now collectively known as "The Ackles" - photographed by Leslie with her spiffy new digital camera.

Spackle and Crackle, our cats, on my synthesizer which I never ever use

Click on either of the larger pictures for a closer look.

Here's a previous Mixed Meters post about The Ackles (with some kitten pictures from when we called them Spackle Puss and Crackle Pop).

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Anonymous said...

I like worms with bright red eyes. Nice to see the kittens Spackle and Crackle as teenagers.

Side note: Careful what words you choose to say cat with. I used the p word in a post and you wouldn't believe what kind of google searches led to that particular post. (wordpress lets you know these kind of things) I could change it but like that the perves in search of child p find a tiger kicking a pumpkin around (with an explanation about animal conservation).