Sunday, November 12, 2006

3 Minute Climax - Not So Cuckoo Cuckoo

"In which David Combines Leon Redbone with Tico Tico" is a Mixed Meters post from November 30, 2005. Read that for a better understanding of "Not So Cuckoo Cuckoo".

The WFMU Tico Tico archive is still available. Listen to all of those versions first for the best understanding of "Not So Cuckoo Cuckoo".

In Long Beach California this oversize donut sells coffee.

What's a "Tico"?
Click here for some Wikipedian explanations.
Here is Tico Tico in Finland.

Here is Tico Tico in London.

Click here to hear Not So Cuckoo Cuckoo - my own personal take on the song Tico Tico.
When Leslie heard this she said "You made it sad." Not really what I was shooting for; I just wanted something you can't dance to.

Copyright (c) 2006 by David Ocker - 211 seconds

A thing is a South Pasadena gutter.
Explanation of 30 second spots

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