Tuesday, March 21, 2006

30 Second Spots - By Then She Would Have Slept With Him

Copyright (c) 2006 David Ockerclick here to hear By Then She Would Have Slept With Him - the title was said by a young woman describing one of her high school friends.

Copyright © February 24, 2006 by David Ocker - 36 seconds

Explanation of 30 second spots

Copyright (c) 2006 David Ocker
Robot Video!! See Big Dog - four legs, powered by a gasoline engine. RHex is good too.
Or here to see a robot balance on a basket-ball. Why does this remind me of the Jetsons?
Thanks to WFMU Beware the Blog

30 Second Spots
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Anonymous said...

Now if only they could get it to bark instead of whine. Also, can it give paw?

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. I also doubt it could curl up in front of a fireplace. Or stand up after it falls over. /D
(posting anonymously to my own blog!)

Anonymous said...

I loved it. It kept becoming real for me as I watched it. But I kept wondering "Why are they doing this? Do they want to make a robot doggie? If so, why? I gues a few people would buy one" Aamazingly complex creation, and I love it that some bastard can kick the dog and he doesn't fall over.