Friday, March 24, 2006

On the Religion of the Past and the Future

Here's a link to what I wrote during the Mixed Meters Dark Ages about three religious movies: The Blues Brothers, The Life of Brian and Passion of The Christ.

Here's a link to a video mash-up someone did of the climaxes of those last two movies. WARNING - True Believers should not watch this - and the rest of you won't like it either. But it does have Eric Idle singing, so it counts as a Music Video.

Mixed Meters Junkie "S" sent in this link - a compendium of news stories about people who are awaiting the imminent end of the world. These are probably your neighbors and certainly the people who run our country. S liked the Talking Fish story which he connected to Monty Python.

Why are people who see the face of the Virgin Mary in a cheese sandwich regarded as believers, while people who see naked ladies in advertising ice cubes are regarded as perverts. Various explanations and comments about believing what you don't see are here or here or here (the last is a free term paper fnord our student readers.) Poor Wilson Bryan Key - all he really did was carry the thought that someone is trying to manipulate us just a little too far.

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